Snack in a Backpack


To reduce childhood hunger in Fannin County and inspire our community and others to do the same.

About the Program:

 The program began on a very small scale in April of 2009. At the end of that school year, there were already120 students being assisted. This year there are 350 students signed up to receive backpacks. Five Fannin County Schools, three elementary, the middle school and the pre-K school, and the Northstar Program participate in the program. The cost to feed a child for one weekend is $2.75. This program to date will cost $34,650.00 to feed 350 children for 36 weeks. The program is operated entirely by dedicated volunteers, and funded by individuals, our faith community and local & regional businesses.

The feedback from teachers and counselors has been extremely positive. Some of the students would come to school hungry on Monday, unable to concentrate because they had little to eat over the weekend. The first Monday after they received their weekend backpacks full of food, it was reported the focus and attention span of the children was noticeably improved. Now, the children express excitement on Friday, knowing they will soon receive their backpacks of food for the weekend.

How it Works:

Our program is designed to provide food for children who get their meals at school and have little or nothing to eat on the weekends. A backpack is filled with non-perishable, healthy food items by volunteers and delivered to their schools for the children to take home for the weekend. The empty backpack is returned on Monday, and the process repeated. This food may help feed other family members, as well.