School Governance

Welcome to School Governance!

The establishment of a school governance team is intended to help local boards of education develop and nurture participation, bring parents and the community together with teachers and school administrators to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other's concerns, and share ideas for school improvement. School governance teams shall be reflective of the school community.

The agenda and minutes are posted online @ and in the school for you to view.  If you would like any more information regarding School Governance at EFES, please feel free to contact one of the School Governance Team members.


Welcome Parents!

Yearly Meeting Dates

July 14th

August 4th

September 1st

October 6th

November 3rd

February 2nd

March 2nd

April 6th

May 4th

All meetings will be at 3:30 in Room 102

All SGT minutes can be accessed online at: 


School Governance Team Members


Mathew Price -

Sarah Davis -

Teresa Martin -

Erin Golden -

Marie Cline -

Angel Fair -

Kayla Nazerian -