School Improvement Team

East Fannin Elementary has an active School Improvement Team (SIT) that meets each month during the school year. Each year this team, along with the grade levels or areas they represent, develops our School Improvement Plan and Parent Involvement Plan, allocates our Title 1 budget, and reviews our progress toward meeting school, district, and statewide targets.



August 21st

September 18th

October 16th

November 20th

December 18th

January 15th

February 12th

March 18th

April 22nd

May 28th

East Fannin Elementary School Improvement Team

Mathew Price - Principal

Andrea Crump- Assistant Principal

Renee Carder- Academic Coach

Jennifer Cochran- Kindergarten

Penny Daves- First Grade

Brittany Mayfield- Second Grade

Lora Robinson - Third Grade

Siegrid Russell- Fourth Grade

Christina Hood- Fifth Grade

Jenna Saxon- Special Education

Gary Baxter - Media Specialist

Christie Holtman - STEM Teacher

Sheena Rymer - Parent Liaison

School Improvement Team