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Marie Cline
We need your Input

Parents please take the time to complete this very brief survey in regards to the FCSS District and East Fannin Elementary School's plans for SY 2021-2022. Your input matters!

Wed May 26 07:17 PM

Title I Parent & Family Engagement Survey
Title I Parent & Family Engagement Survey

We need your input!

Fri Feb 05 08:00 AM

Technology Talk
Need help with Technology

Parents if you need assistance with technology you may find this video helpful.

Wed Aug 26 11:24 AM

Summer Meal Programs
Summertime Meals

Do you need meals during the summer?

Tue May 19 10:53 AM

SGT Staff Elections

Tue May 12 12:03 PM
Upcoming Events

Get details about the upcoming SGT election and more...

Tue May 12 11:12 AM