East Fannin School Governance Team (SGT)


Since July of 2015, the Fannin County School System has operated under the Georgia Department of Education as a Charter System of Schools.  Our district is governed by the Fannin County Board of Education, but each of our schools has a local School Governance Team (SGT) in place. The SGTs are sanctioned by our Charter, and they are an integral part of school governance.  Similar to the Board of Education, each school’s SGT meets regularly (at the school) to address student achievement, encourage excellence, and address other school matters and business.  

Every SGT has seven voting members including the Principal who serves as the Chair of the SGT, two school employees (one elected by the faculty/staff and one that is appointed by the Principal), two parents (both are elected by the parents of students enrolled at the school) and two community members that are recommended by the Principal and approved by the SGT. 

In May, the open seats on each school’s SGT will be filled.  In order to be included on a ballot or to be appointed, an individual must have completed a brief training about the roles and responsibilities of the SGT.  If you have never completed this training, it can be accessed here:

School Governance Team’s Roles and Responsibilities

Once you have viewed the training, you can let us know that you want to be a part of a SGT by completing this Google form.  The Google form also serves as the verification that you have completed the required orientation training.  Anyone who wants to be on the ballot or considered for appointment to the SGT must complete the Google form by Friday, May 7th.  If you do not have access to Google, please call the Principal of the school where you would like to serve.

The window for completing this online orientation training is currently open and will remain open through Friday, May 7th.  Schools will schedule their SGT elections during the week of May 10th. Only individuals who have completed this orientation training (video and form) — or have attended an orientation training in the past — can be considered for appointment or inclusion on a ballot for an SGT election.  The upcoming term will begin on July 1, 2021

If you have questions about the orientation video, the Google form, or anything else related to School Governance Teams in Fannin County Schools, please contact the Principal of your child’s school or Deputy Superintendent, Sarah Rigdon at srigdon@fannin.k12.ga.us or 706.632.3771.