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Lottery Application
Posted On:
Monday, March 25, 2019
Do you need your child's to attend another elementary school in the district?

Georgia General Assembly, HB 251, codified as O.C.G.A. § 20-2-2131, states parents of K-12 public school students in Georgia have the option of requesting to enroll their child in any school within the local school district in which they reside, if the District has determined that there is classroom space available in that school. The following process explains how this will occur within the Fannin County School System. Because there is only one high school and one middle school in Fannin County, the following guidelines apply only to our elementary schools.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) may apply for vacancies through the following application process:

Only applications mailed 1st class mail and addressed to the Fannin County Board of Education and postmarked during the month of July (1st through 31st) will be accepted.

Parent(s), guardian(s), and students are eligible to transfer only once per academic school year under the school choice option. Unless a student meets one of the qualifications listed below. Only students who participate in the lottery placement drawing are eligible to transfer. (Students who enroll in the Fannin County School System during an academic year must wait until the following summer to enter the placement lottery through the application process.)

Priority will be given to those students who: (a) are attending a school that is in any level of Needs Improvement, (b) have disabilities whose IEP or IAP requires placement at a particular school, (c) are homeless students, (d) are students entitled to attend a certain school as a result of being children of employees, and (e) are twins or other multiples with siblings in accordance with state law. Following those assignments, a random drawing for placement of all other applicants will occur at the Fannin County Board of Education.

Parent(s)/ guardian(s) will be notified on or before the 11th day after classes begin in the new school year.

Parents/guardians whose children are approved for transfer for the school of choice must assume all costs and responsibilities related to the transportation of their child to and from the school as long as the transferred child remains at that school. Students who transfer may remain at the school of choice through the fifth grade.

Students currently attending a school which is not in the attendance area due to being granted residence in a previous lottery are grandfathered in to attend that school. Siblings of those students will be grandfathered in as well.

The application can be printed from the Fannin County School System website under the informational links of the parent section, or picked up at the Fannin County Board of Education.

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